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Should You Host Your Site on WP Engine?

03 Oct 2018

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service that is used by over 80,000 customers across the world. This open-source platform provides agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions to help businesses deliver innovative, customer-driven experiences to their website visitors.

Your web host is one of the most crucial, foundational aspects of your online business. WP Engine may be one of the oldest and most well-known platforms dedicated to WordPress hosting, but is it the right choice for your website? There are many pros and cons of hosting your website on WP Engine that you should consider before making a decision.

Pros of WP Engine

There are several advantages to using WP Engine to host your WordPress website. There is a  reason why WP Engine is responsible for powering 500,000 digital experiences and serving thousands of WordPress customers. Here are a few of the benefits to using WP Engine:

1. WordPress Experts

The WP Engine support staff is comprised of WordPress experts that are available for one-on-one, live consultations any day, any time. These professionals are not just knowledgeable about web hosting, they also have invaluable experience working with WordPress. If necessary, you can even take advantage of high service level plans with dedicated account teams ready to address any issue or question you have about your website.

2. Reliability

WP Engine boasts an uptime of 99.99%. You can count on WP Engine to keep your web pages up and running with little to no downtime. Using WP Engine ensures that your visitors will have no problem accessing your website.

3. Performance

WP Engine eliminates any speed woes you might be facing without the need for additional plugins or complex changes to your website. WP Engine has customized servers that automatically cache your website so that you do not have to download caching software. With WP Engine, you will notice a significant increase in loading speed for your website.

4. Security

WP Engine helps boost SEO and keep your website secure by offering a free SSL/TLS certificate when you sign up for their services. The hosting service also scans for malware daily and creates automatic backups to protect your data if your website were to be hacked or otherwise compromised.

Cons of WP Engine

While the advantages of WP Engine are clear, there are also some downsides to consider before you choose your web hosting service. Here are a couple negative aspects of WP Engine.

1. Cost

Although WP Engine provides top notch customer support services, security, and performance, it has costly plans starting at $35 per month. There are other web hosting sites that offer similar reliability and security for less than what it costs for a WP Engine plan. Additionally, if you experience an increase in traffic, your hosting bill will increase. If you do not need managed hosting, or you are looking for a more cost-effective hosting service, you should consider a different hosting service.

2. Plugin and Theme Bans

WP Engine can be pretty specific about which plugins and themes are allowed to be installed on your WordPress site. If you want a web hosting service that allows for full customization and more options regarding what you can download and install on your site, look into a different option than WP Engine.

3. WordPress Exclusive

WP Engine does not offer traditional web hosting, so you cannot use it to host a non-WordPress website. If you need managed hosting for a website or application that does not use WordPress, you should use an alternative web hosting service that will allow you to do so.

Alternative WordPress Web Hosting

If you are looking for an alternative web hosting service for your website, there are a few WP Engine competitors that might be of interest.

1&1 is an affordable web hosting platform that allows for full customization on any Linux or Windows-based servers. Users can upload websites that are not on WordPress, enjoy unlimited traffic without incurring fees, and take advantage of a multitude of features. With plans as low as $0.99 per month, 1&1 should be one of your main considerations for a web hosting service.

DreamHost can maximize your website’s speed and security with hosting plans costing as little as $2.59 per month. Over 1.5 million websites are powered by DreamHost, and it has a guaranteed uptime of 100%.

If you are interested in having a website designed on WordPress or any other platform, contact Benchmark.