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Tech and the Real Estate Industry

03 Oct 2018

Technology is radically transforming the real estate industry, and real estate agents and investors who want to stay on the cutting-edge of the industry need to take advantage of these new technological advancements. Websites, applications, and other technology solutions help make it easier for real estate investors to find and fund properties and for real estate agents to sell properties to prospective clients. Here are a few ways that technology is changing the real estate industry for the better:

Finding Listings

Websites make it easier for potential clients to find real estate agents and properties. Prospective homeowners can browse a realtor’s website to learn information about the properties that the agent has available. Viewers can see pictures of different homes as well as important information like the property value, purchase history, and school district zoning areas. Detailed photos of the inside and outside of the home will encourage interested parties to reach out to the real estate agent and request more information.

Mobile applications also make it easy to find new listings. Apps allow users to search for listings on the go, and they alert users when new listings are available. Many of these apps allow users to input their price range and location preferences so they can be notified if a home that suits their needs shows up in their area. If you are a professional in the real estate industry, consider creating an app that will help engage your clients and make you stand out among your competitors.

Real estate investors can also benefit from the data available online when they are trying to find properties to purchase. Anyone interested in flipping a house or otherwise investing in properties can easily find distressed properties at risk for foreclosure and all the information necessary for getting in contact with homeowners and property managers.

Showing Properties

When it comes to property listings, a picture is truly worth a thousand words. With new 3-D virtual tour technology, however, real estate agents are able to help interested buyers experience far beyond what a picture can offer. Using 3-D virtual tours, buyers or sellers receive the breathtaking detail and feel like they are actually walking through the homes they search.

Programs like Google Earth help prospective buyers get a closer look at the outside of houses and their surrounding neighborhood. Users can see exactly how close their house is to the end of the street or the proximity of their neighbors without visiting the home in person. Real estate agents should incorporate programs with 3-D capability to help enhance their websites.


Some online websites are encouraging real estate investors to combine their resources with others in order to purchase real estate. Crowdsourcing and online funding have become increasingly commonplace in the real estate industry, making it easier for investors to purchase properties. From funding to completing paperwork, technology is helping real estate agents and investors thrive in the real estate industry.

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