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What Makes a Good Mobile App?

03 Oct 2018

Your company’s mobile app can help you reach out to the millions of smartphone users worldwide. As people spend more time using smartphones and mobile apps, it is crucial for businesses to develop mobile apps that will draw and retain customers and help their business stay competitive. In today’s climate, companies without an app are at a disadvantage. More than half of internet traffic comes from mobile apps, and this number is projected to increase in the coming years.

Companies that want to use mobile apps to foster growth in customer engagement, conversion rates, and revenue will not find success unless they invest in creating an app with good design, strong performance, and intuitive features. Almost 55% of millennials say they are less likely to use a company’s products or services if they have poor experience with its mobile app.

When you are preparing to develop a mobile app for your business to provide your users with a positive experience, here are some features to consider:

Strong Performance

A good mobile app should be valuable to every consumer who downloads it onto his or her smartphone. While a company’s mobile app can boast many great features, your mobile app should focus on one function or capability, and it should be able to perform that function well.

Customers will delete your app and have a negative perception of your brand if they struggle to use your app to complete the task for which it was designed. If customers use your app to make purchases, you need to make sure your app allows them to see your products and go through every step of the checkout process quickly and efficiently. If your app serves another purpose, it should be able to help users and accomplish this purpose effectively.

UX Design

Mobile app users want to use apps that are intuitive and simple to use. Your customers will become frustrated if they have to spend a long time searching for the content they need. A good mobile app will not require its users to tap several different links in order to complete a simple action. Make sure you provide clear navigation in logical locations and keep your app as user-friendly as possible.

Consider your core objectives and your call to action, and design your app so that it centers around these goals. This will help you eliminate unnecessary features and clutter that might confuse your mobile app users. Create your app so that people can access the information they need without doing a lot of typing, searching, or waiting.

UI Design

In addition to operating well, your mobile app should look good, too. From the theme and color choice to the font and layout, you need to design your app so that your customers will stay engaged with the app and associate the app with your brand.

People tend to connect the design and layout of a mobile app with its functionality. Therefore, if your mobile app does not look inviting, users might assume that it will not work well either. Make sure your interface looks good so that smartphone users will want to use your app.

In-App Feedback

When it comes to the quality of service, products, and user-experience your company provides, your customers are the experts. A good mobile app will give consumers to space and the opportunity to send feedback to your company. Allowing your customers to send their comments and concerns will not only help you realize ways in which your business, website, or app needs to change, but it will also provide a way for you to let your customers know they are heard.

Consumers want to know that companies care about their experience with a brand, and in-app feedback is a great way to show customers you care. 65% of millennials like to have the option of flagging issues or making complaints to businesses using a mobile app. A strong mobile app will give users the chance to share their concerns efficiently by allowing in-app feedback.

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